Watch here to see if people are becoming happy or angry with you. Mostly, the game will be easier if people like you, but there is more than one way to win.
In the game you can see what you are carrying here.

If you get something new, go back and try and do things again. Maybe you can use the item to do more than you could before.

Even if you make a big mistake in the game, there is always a way to fix it and win.

Graphic for The Sage's Apprentice

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If you are learning English you can get help for any highlighted words by moving the mouse over them and reading the hints in this box.
Life is good in your village, but a little boring for you. You have heard there is a Sage living somewhere in the forest and people say he knows magic! You want to go and learn from him but no one has seen him for a long time.

Click on the start button (above right) to begin.
When the game starts, you will see buttons above to move north, south, west and east.

You can choose what to say and do by clicking on things here in this box.