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In this box, you can see what things you have.

Welcome to A Day at the Beach, an online text adventure.

How many fun things can you do at the beach today?

After you start the game you can move to different areas by clicking on the buttons "north", "south", "west" etc. You can do other things by clicking on option sentences in the box at the bottom.

If you are learning English you can get help for any highlighted words by moving the mouse over them and reading the hints in the box at the bottom right.

The "Look" button on the left tells you about the area that you are in.

Click on "Start" (in the box on the left) to begin...

After you start, click on things to do here.
GameEnglish Tower
Here, you can see "hints from the teacher". Read these to help you understand the English in the story. Don't worry if you don't understand everything. Understanding 100% of all text is not normal, even for native speakers!

If there is a hint, the word is highlighted. You can turn off or change the highlight colour by clicking on the "Highlight" button in the top left box.