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This is your inventory, it shows what you're carrying around or using.

Welcome to King of the Castle, an online text adventure. Your name is Penny and you work in the kitchen of a medieval castle. Your aim is to get a promotion, and there may be more than one way to do this...

After you start the game you can move to different rooms by clicking on direction buttons labelled "north", "south", "west" etc. You can perform other actions by clicking on options in the box at the bottom of the display area.

If you are learning English you can get help for any highlighted words by moving the mouse over them and reading the hints in the box at the bottom right.

The "Look" button on the left displays the description for the area you are currently in.

Click on "Start" (in the box to the left) to begin...

This shows the list of actions you can choose from.
This is where you can find help with some of the vocabulary used in the game.

When such help is available, the relevant word will be highlighted. You can turn off or change the highlight colour by clicking on the "Highlight" button in the top left box.