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Welcome to Escape From Simian Island, an online text adventure.

Your boat sank in a storm and you are the only person left alive after swimming for as long as you could into the night. In the morning you find yourself lying alone on the beach of a desert island.

Do you have the skills to survive and escape?

In the game you will see buttons labelled "north", "south", "west" and "east" which you can click on to move around. Be careful, it will be easy to get lost in the beginning.

The "Look" button on the left shows the description for the area you are in.

(In most browsers you can press F11 to go to fullscreen mode.)

Click on "Start" (in the box on the left) to begin...

There is a list of action options for you to choose from in this box.
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If you are learning English you can move the mouse over highlighted words. Then you can see vocabulary hints here.

You can turn off or change the highlight colour by clicking on the "Highlight" button in the top left box.