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The Present Simple Tense in English

You use present simple verbs for things that you do many times.

I play football.

I eat food.

We go to school.

Or for things that are always true.

I like cake.

They drive to work.

We live in China.

Sentences in the third person:

Sometimes you have to put s on the end of the verb.

I play football.

You play football.

He plays football.

She plays football.

That man plays football.

My friend plays football.

You do not use s for I or you. You do not use s with plurals: we, they, dogs, cars, my friends, people etc.

You play computer games.

She eats rice.

Mr King writes books.

Dogs like food.

My friends drive to work.

Many people live in China.


You use do not or don't for negatives.

I do not play football.

We don't go to school.

They don't like cake.

In negative sentences you use s by saying does not or doesn't. You use the same rules as before.

You do not play computer games.

She does not eat rice.

Mr Smith doesn't write books.

Dogs do not like cats.

My friends don't drive to work.

Many people don't live in China.

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