Please select the most appropriate answer per question.

The verb "excavate" means:

to dig up
to argue intently
to throw someone out of a church
to introduce new rules into a game after it has already started

The verb "ameliorate" means:

to use lots of vegetables in cooking
to pay close attention to a problem that you're not really interested in
to make things better - pretty much the opposite of "exacerbate"
to inject truth into a situation - pretty much to opposite of "politicise"

The verb "eliminate" means:

to establish limits
to cover a sheet of paper in plastic
to completely remove
to test a meal for its taste

The verb "exterminate" means:

to try to kill someone with a sheet of paper covered in plastic
to try to kill someone with a robot from the future
to radically change a system
to completely remove something alive

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