Please select the most appropriate answer per question.

The verb "exonerate" means:

to conclusively establish exactly who was resonsible for the breaking of wind in a room of two or more people
to remove someone's number one ranking
to change a task from something boring and troublesome to something enjoyable
to clear someone's name by showing they didn't do something they were blamed for - eg "Big Tim was exonerated when Julie sheepishly admitted to being responsible for the odour"

The verb "exacerbate" means:

a wondrous discovery for teenagers - Greenday even wrote a song
a process in chemisty where charcoal is used to remove impurities from water
to make things worse - pretty much the opposite of "ameliorate"
to spit out - pretty much the same as "expectorate"

The verb "excommunicate" means:

to throw someone out of a bar
to throw someone out of the church
to throw someone out of an exclusive club
to throw someone out of a game of Monopoly because you landed on their same hotel three times in a row

The verb "exsanguinate" is:

what vampires do when they are hungry
how people choose what TV channel to watch
the action people take when they have been standing in a queue too long
an enraged attempt to debug a program by defenestrating the computer

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