This level is absolutely unrestricted. There are no concessions made for non-native speakers, or indeed anyone!

The noun "defenestration" means:

an evil act involving pliers
the rapid destruction of forests
the act of throwing someone out of a window
the unspoken feeling of frustration present in the members of a meeting that has gone over time

The verb "eviscerate" means:

to dig up - useful when looking for dinosaur bones
to take out someone's internal body parts - useful when zombies have dragged your friend backwards out of a window
to completely remove - useful when you have spiders in your kitchen and you don't like spiders
to make things worse - useful when a police officer is admonishing you for jaywalking and a clear packet of white powder falls out of your jacket pocket

The adjective "uxorious" means:

when loud and hearty laughter is involved
to be overly fond of unhealthy snacks
to be overly fond of one's wife
to be overly fond of one's teddy bears

The noun "antidisestablismentarianism" means:

no one knows
or cares
um, I've heard it's the longest word in the English language, right?
opposition to the separation of the church from the state

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