Please choose the answer that fits.

Principal: "Would you say things are getting out of hand in your class?"

Teacher: "Yes, they are a very quiet group of kids."
Teacher: "Yes, they are little angels."
Teacher: "Yes, everybody calmly does all of the classwork."
Teacher: "Yes. In fact, have you ever read 'Lord of the Flies'?"

'The Lord of the Flies' is a book about some school children who...

are uncontrollable
run amok on a desert island
all of the above

To "run amok" means:

to misbehave uncontrollably
to have a tea party with all your friends
a kind of race
actually, it's a character from 'Star Wars'

An answer that is "blatantly obvious" is:

difficult to understand
very easy to see
related to maths
a joke that isn't funny

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